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Welcome to the best new Minter Network Validator.  Stake you BIP with us to earn the highest possible returns, as much as 40% APY* with our low fixed guaranteed fee of 2% forever – that is only $2 for every $100 you earn in BIP!

We are live now and you can start earning today by simply delegating your BIP to our MasterNode today.
 Step 1: Open up your Minter Wallet and click on Delegation.
 Step 2: Copy and our paste our Validator Public Key into the box.
 Step 3: Click on Delegate

Click below to copy our Public key for easy paste into your Minter Wallet

Minter.Cash Validator & Dedicated Sentry Global Network

We run our own sentry network for the ultimate in security, performance and decentralization with dedicated servers in North America, Europe and Asia. We run the most advanced network of any Minter Validator.

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  • This Blockchain Payments Firm Will List On The Nasdaq In A $3.6 Bln Deal June 22, 2022
    Blockhain-based payments firm Roxe Holding said on Tuesday that it will list on the Nasdaq exchange through a $3.6 billion deal. The firm said it has entered an agreement with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Goldenstone Acquisition Ltd, through which it will pursue the listing. The merged firm will have a combined enterprise value of […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Faces Resistance at 200-Week Moving Average, Further Downside Possible? June 22, 2022
    After a brutal crash last weekend, the Bitcoin (BTC) price bounced back surging past $20,000. On Tuesday, as BTC attempted to march forward above $21,500, it faced resistance and has retraced since. As of press time, Bitcoin is trading at $20,474 with a market cap of $390 billion. For Bitcoin to sustain the upward momentum, […]
  • Graph Price Analysis: High Volume Reversal may Drive GRT to $0.15 June 21, 2022
    The Graph(GRT) price surpasses the long-coming resistance trendline with a reversal from the $0.093 support level. The increased demand for the altcoin brings a reversal as the overall market takes a break from the falling trend. Will GRT buyers capitalize on this halt in the bear market to reach the $0.15 mark? Key points:  The […]
  • Why This Is A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin (BTC)? June 21, 2022
    Last week while the BTC/USDT pair dropped below $20000, the Fear and Greed Index hit the 6% mark, indicating extreme fear among market participants. However, although the coin price has corrected 74.3% since the November All-Time High of $68789, the historical data reveals that such correction is common for Bitcoin price. Key points:  The BTC price shows […]
  • Just-In: Ethereum Launches Sepolia Testnet As The Main Merge Draws Closer June 21, 2022
    The Ethereum merge will soon go live as the second Testnet Sepolia has just been deployed. The Ropsten Testnet beacon chain was launched earlier and since it went smoothly, the next key step towards the merge is in motion. The dress rehearsal will give practical insight The Ethereum Network’s Merge is the most anticipated happening […]

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