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Welcome to the best new Minter Network Validator.  Stake you BIP with us to earn the highest possible returns, as much as 40% APY* with our low fixed guaranteed fee of 2% forever – that is only $2 for every $100 you earn in BIP!

We are live now and you can start earning today by simply delegating your BIP to our MasterNode today.
 Step 1: Open up your Minter Wallet and click on Delegation.
 Step 2: Copy and our paste our Validator Public Key into the box.
 Step 3: Click on Delegate

Click below to copy our Public key for easy paste into your Minter Wallet

Minter.Cash Validator & Dedicated Sentry Global Network

We run our own sentry network for the ultimate in security, performance and decentralization with dedicated servers in North America, Europe and Asia. We run the most advanced network of any Minter Validator.

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  • Optical Illusion Challenge: Only Those with a Sharp Eye Can Spot All SHIB coins in 5 Seconds! January 26, 2023
    People usually take the Optical illusion challenge to test their IQ level and train their minds to look beyond plain sight and think beyond the first thought. Some also help them in identifying their hidden personalities and desires. If you have keen observation skills, can you find all of the hidden SHIB coins in this […]
  • Union Budget 2023: Can We Expect A Rationalized Crypto Tax Policy? January 26, 2023
    Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the Union Budget 2023 on February 1. FM will present the country’s income and expenditure plans along with new announcements for the crypto community of India. Notably, in the Union Budget 2022, the Finance Minister announced a crypto tax policy. The government introduced the policy under the newly […]
  • Crypto Vs Fiat Money: Is Crypto Better Than Fiat And What’s Difference? January 26, 2023
    Crypto Vs Fiat Money: Which is better, cryptocurrency or fiat, has been a hot topic of discussion ever since cryptocurrencies gained popularity. There are benefits and drawbacks to both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. The decision between the two for businesses depends on a variety of variables, including industry and national regulatory framework. What is Cryptocurrency? […]
  • Litecoin and dYdX See Large Whale Transactions, These Altcoins Are on Traders’ Radar January 26, 2023
    The altcoin market has been showing good strength recently with Ethereum and other top-ten altcoins taking the lead. But over the last two-three months, one altcoin that’s been consistently doing well is Litecoin (LTC). During the last 90 days, LTC has gained more than 80% while grabbing the attention of investors. As per the on-chain […]
  • Mango Labs Decides to Sue Trade Over Token Manipulation in Mango Markets January 26, 2023
    Mango Labs, the parent organization behind Solana-based DeFi platform Mango Markets has decided to sue the trader who manipulated the price of the MNGO token back in October 2022 and allegedly raked up more than $114 million in profits. In its Federal lawsuit filed on Wednesday, January 25, Mango Labs said that the hacker – […]

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